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/Why?1. Confirmation using microscope and fluorometer analysis that the pRS414 construct was not expressing CFP
11 August 20102. Confirming the CFP sequence is Kit Kit/engineer21 June 201022 May 2010
293.19.103. N-GFP Swap Experiment
313A Assembly4.23.10
4.9.104. Replacing the CUP1 promoter in pRS414 with the CUP1-2 promoter from the N4 construct5.28.10
8 October 2010=Nucleation=
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Amir FeinbergAnnaOlchowikBscThesis
August/2 August 2010August 15 – August 21August 1 – August 7
August 22 – August 28August 29 – September 4August 8 – August 14
Augustine EzeBBFRFC66
BBa K338001BBa K338002BCCS-Bristol/Modelling/Test
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/10 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/10 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/10 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/10 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/11 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/11 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/11 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/11 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/12 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/12 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/12 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/12 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/13 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/13 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/13 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/13 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/14 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/14 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/14 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/14 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/15 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/15 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/15 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/15 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/16 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/16 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/16 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/16 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/17 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/17 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/17 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/17 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/18 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/18 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/18 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/18 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/19 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/19 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/19 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/19 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/1 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/1 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/1 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/1 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/20 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/20 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/20 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/20 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/21 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/21 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/21 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/21 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/22 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/22 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/22 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/22 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/23 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/23 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/23 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/23 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/24 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/24 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/24 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/24 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/25 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/25 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/25 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/25 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/26 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/26 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/26 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/26 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/27 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/27 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/27 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/27 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/28 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/28 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/28 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/28 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/29 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/29 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/29 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/29 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/2 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/2 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/2 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/2 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/30 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/30 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/30 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/30 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/31 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/31 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/31 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/3 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/3 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/3 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/3 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/4 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/4 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/4 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/4 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/5 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/5 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/5 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/5 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/6 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/6 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/6 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/6 September 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/7 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/7 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/7 October 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/7 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/8 August 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/8 July 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/8 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/8 September 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/9 August 2010
BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/9 July 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/9 October 2010BIOTEC Dresden/Notepad/9 September 2010
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HihiHokkaidoU HeaderHomologous Recombination of E2050 into pRS415 Construct in Place of GFP Protein
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