DNA Submission

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See the Registry shipping instructions for details on how to send your samples to iGEM HQ.

Click here to access the Online DNA Submission form.

Sample requirements change for iGEM 2010!

The Registry only accepts parts in the standard DNA-shipping plasmid backbone: pSB1C3. The Spring 2010 DNA Distribution kits contained samples of this plasmid backbone in linearized form for easy use. You can also make your own linearized plasmid backbone using these instructions.

Sending your samples

See the Registry shipping instructions for details on how to send your samples to iGEM HQ.

Shipping package details

Please send your samples via a shipping company that will let you track the shipment. It is important to include your shipment tracking number in your submission information details. Physical DNA for parts is due before the Jamboree (see the iGEM requirements) and if we do not receive your shipment, we will track your package and give that information to the judges. If your shipment does not have tracking information and has not arrived at the Registry we will count your physical DNA as not available. You will not be able to receive a medal, as per the iGEM requirements.

*Important*: When shipping your samples, make sure to include a detailed description of the package so that it gets through customs. Write the following:
Dry/liquid DNA, non-hazardous, non-infectious, non-regulated. For research use only.

Mark Parts as Favorites

To mark your parts as your team's Favorites follow the instructions below.

  1. go to the part Main Page on partsregistry.org
  2. go to the Hard Information page
  3. click Edit on the right-hand side of the Group Favorite box
  4. change to Yes


  • Accepting bacteria
    • The Registry does not accept bacteria shipments at this time. Please only send isolated plasmid DNA. You may contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.
  • Editing your shipment after it has been finalized
    • You may edit your shipment at any point up until the time you finalize your shipment after entering your shipping details. After you have finalized your shipment and sent all parts and information to the Registry, you will not be able to edit your online submission form. If you need to make a change to your submission form information, you must contact Meagan Lizarazo at meagan [at] igem [dot] org. Please include your shipment number, your name, your team name, and the sample information that you would like to change.
  • Part and plasmid specification details
    • In specifying your parts you must clearly understand the relationship between parts and plasmids. You must be explicitly aware that a part does NOT include the flanking restriction enzyme sites (called BioBrick™ prefix and suffix if you are using the BioBrick™ standard for which the restriction enzymes are: EcoRI, XbaI, SpeI, PstI). These sites must instead be specified in the plasmid that your part is in. Your part, then, begins with the first letter (A, C, T, G) following the prefix cloning site of the plasmid and ends with the last letter preceding the suffix cloning site of the plasmid.
    • Take a look at this help page for more information on Biobrick™ parts and plasmids and how they are defined.

Have any questions? Contact Meagan at meagan [AT] igem [DOT] org.