Brainstorming April-June 2010


At our initial meeting in April, we brainstormed a list of over 100 possible ideas. The ideas were sorted into their respective iGEM categories: Health/Medicine, Food/Energy, Environment, Manufacturing/Industrial and Misc. Each team member chose three to research and gave a short presentation, especially noting the feasibility of the ideas. Our advisors were present for the meetings to offer their critiques. Our final three contenders were:

  1. Self healing material
  2. White blood cell drug delivery
  3. Bacterial thermometer

The team evaluated each idea's feasibility, sexiness, use of old/new parts, and potential applications. We ultimately decided to work on 'Self Healing Material' as our project for this year.

On May 22-23, Timi, Matt, Sean and Prof. Joshua Leonard attended the iGEM Workshop at University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne to become oriented with the purpose of iGEM. They came back with helpful hints on choosing a project and getting started as a team.