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== Contribution ==

Experiments: Guan Nan Peng, I Huang , Shih-Shan Huang, Tung Chin Yang, Wei Hsuan Sun , Yi Ru Ho, Ying Yu Huang

Modeling: Tung Chin Yang, Wei Hsuan Sun

Safety: I Huang

Human Practice: I Huang, Tung Chin Yang

Wiki: Chang Chau Chieh

Poster and Slides: Wei Hsuan Sun , Yi Ru Ho, Ying Yu Huang

Advisor: Ni Chun Chung, Nathan Hew

Instructor: JH Chen, Jui Hung Yen, Peng Yeong Woon, Ingrid Y.-C. Liu
This iGEM 2010, as the Tzu Chi_U Formosa iGEM team, we understand that the creativity of experiment design were crazy and outstanding. We have to go farer and higher to not limit our project, but there are much more people outside the world. One of the criteria for GOLD is the collaborations with other universities participating in iGEM competition. For this year we did collaboration with multiple teams which to improve the project and increased the member’s background and skills.

We have responded Matt Coombes the University of Edinburgh team conducted a survey about perception of iGEM better. For the competition, improved whole project is very important for the later iGEM. As the survey we think that the most decisive question is what will affect you in the future. We sure the iGEM affect us a lot by the process of the competition. No matter how the outcome of experiment are, fail or success, the whole spirit of iGEM is how we learn.

METU_TURKEY_SOFTWARE team did a great effort on develop new standards for Parts Registry and user-friendly Part Registry Forms and Parts Entry pages. I’m sure that with the hard working by the METU_TURKEY_SOFTWARE team’s survey the iGEM Part Registry Forms and Parts Entry pages will be friendlier than ever, that why we participated in this survey.

We have been working very closely with NYMU_Taipei since Year 2009. We had several conference calls and technical supports with the team last year. We have celebration dinner together last year after the jamboree and we will do the same this year. In addition to what we have done last year, both teams organized the iGEM workshop Asia at Tzu Chi University. We have very strong bond and connection with NYMU_Taipei officially and personally. We share, we help and we support each others. This is the spirit of iGEMers.