We present our modeling details of this AHL-induced LuxR-regulated lux pR-gfp system. We assume:

  • LuxR does not form dimer;
  • AHL binds to LuxR and forms AHL-LuxR complex;
  • AHL-LuxR could form dimer, (AHL-LuxR)2;
  • Only (AHL-LuxR)2 could activate transcription from promoter lux pR;

There are 12 species in total:

  • 0:E_coli: E.coli cell in flask;
  • 1:AHL: AHL added in the flask;
  • 2:DNA: plasmid transformed into E.coli at the beginning;
  • 3:AHL: AHL in E.coli because of diffusion;
  • 4:RNA: mRNA of GFP;
  • 5:RNA: mRNA of LuxR;
  • 6:E0040_GFP: GFP protein;
  • 7:C0062_LuxR: LuxR protein;
  • 8:E0040_GFP_mature: mature GFP protein;
  • 9:AHL;C0062_LuxR: complex of AHL and LuxR;
  • 10:(AHL)2;(C0062_LuxR)2: dimer of complex AHL-LuxR;
  • 11:(AHL)2;(C0062_LuxR)2;DNA: binding complex of AHL-LuxR dimer and lux pR on plasmid DNA;

There are 39 reactions in total. A screenshot is provided below:

USTCs Reaction1.PNG
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