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   Zhenzhen Yin

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Zhenzhen Yin is one mathematicer from PKU 2010 iGEM team. She involves in computing to provide proper designation for the project and the construction work of the wiki website.
Name Zhenzhen Yin
Email evamail DOT pku AT gmail DOT com
Interests coding, singing, comic and animation, computer games and cosplay
Research Interest Atmosphere chemistry Modeling, Health Risk Assessment of Xenobiotics, Theortical Physics, System Biology & Physical Chemistry
2007.9- college of urban and environmental sciences, PKU (major)
2009.9-school of physics,PKU (second major)
Academic Experience
2009.3-Environmental Geochemistry Sub-Lab of Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes(LASP) Ministay Of Education
2010.3-PKU team for iGEM 2010
Having a wide range of research interests from chemistry, physics to biology & computer sciences, I always wonder how to combine them to get the biggest happiness. In joining PKU iGEM team, I hope to enjoy this summer with all of my team members from different colleges and finish my work as perfectly as possible, and also improve myself in this field of research.