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Being one part of the iGEM society is a wonderful way to learn about what is going on in the field of synthetic biology, how to share your fancy ideas with people and work collaboratively with team members. Besides, it provides fantastic opportunities to make friends with people in other teams and EVEN have collaboration internationally. Since the PKU iGEM team was founded in 2007, we have been cooperating with other iGEM teams from different countries and continents.

Asia Taiwan Workshop

In the spring, we joined the Asia workshop in Taiwan. We did a presentation to share our idea about heavy metal decontamination kit with other iGEM participants. At the same time, we learned more about projects from other teams and made friends with them. During the discussion with others, we got a deeper understanding about how iGEM was developing and what the future of iGEM would be.

Asia Taiwan WorkshopAsia Taiwan Workshop
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IGEM CHINA 2010 Held in Shanghai

We set up a Google group to improve the communication among Chinese teams. A growing number of Chinese undergraduates are interested in Synthetic Biology and iGEM. This year, there are a dozen of Chinese teams attending in iGEM competition. Some of them are newcomers to this competition. Since Peking University is among the earliest ones to establish the iGEM team in China, we would like to share our experience with other teams. In this Google group (, a lot of information about iGEM 2010 competition and the experience of team construction have been shared. Based on the idea from SJTU-BioX-Shanghai and us, almost all members got together in Shanghai to discuss project design and lab experience in August. On August 5th, teams from 7 top universities in China, SJTU-BioX-Shanghai, ECUST-Shanghai, Peking, Tsinghua, USTC & USTC_Software, ZJU-China, and Sun Yat-sen University all gathered in Shanghai and had a nice day at the iGEM 2010 China Meetup. Each team made a presentation displaying their projects and progresses since the summer began, followed by free questioning and discussion time. Particularly, the leader of our team, Haoqian Zhang, gave a presentation about team construction and development.

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Interaction with Paris team

Paris team is our old friend, and we had interaction with them since 2009. This year, a member of PKU 2008 iGEM team joined in Paris team. We offered a set of experiment protocols to help them develop the new tech standard "openProtocol". Also, we translated their human practice project in Chinese( download PDF of its Chinese version), not only to promote the internationalization of their openProtocol tool but also raise awareness of each team to make a better and safer iGEM competition in the future.

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Paris Liliane Bettencourt

Parts Sharing

We have been sharing parts, which constructed by PKU 2009 iGEM team, with Brown team.

Meanwhile, the parts, which sent by iGEM headquarters, were shared to Tsinghua team.

Brown Tsinghua

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