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   Boxuan Zhao

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Zhao Boxuan is a member of Peking University 2010 iGEM team. He is in charge of expanding the project to cope with other heavy metals, and cooperates with Jiao Junyi in surface display module
Name Boxuan Zhao
Email simenhomer AT
Interests Interpretation, Swimming, Painting, Touring.
Research Interest Chemical biology, Neurology, Technology transfer (Applied Science)
2008.9- Major in Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
Academic Experience
2009.1- Chen’s group, Department of Chemical Biology, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
2010.3 - PKU team for iGEM 2010
Statement The era of interdiscipline has come. And our generation serves as the impulse. Standing on the blurring boundary of Chemistry and Biology, I find that developing chemical tools to study biological issues is becoming more and more vital. Certainly, synthetic biology is one of the most important methods to realize this. Also, science should serve human beings. Practical purpose is the prerequisite and technology transfer is the bridge to make it true. I believe that the project of our team this year has combined the above-mentioned significance, and together we will fight to achieve the grand success in the ultimate.