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   Weiye Wang

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Weiye Wang is one of the Peking University 2010 iGEMers. She participates in part of Bioabsorbent's experimental job, focus on the response properties of T3 polymerase to different variants of T3 promoter. She is also responsible for the major design and construction of our team's wiki.
Name Weiye Wang
Interests painting&ACG(animation,comic and games); assembling Gundam models;
Research Interest Developmental Biology (focus on Zebra fish's development) & Synthetic Biology; Anthropology (especially paleoanthropology, culture of ancient Egypt and Near East)
2007.9-2008.6 College of Urban and Enviromental Sciences, Peking University
2008.9- School of Life Sciences, Peking University
Academic Experience
2009.4- Bo Zhang's Laboratory, Genetics & Development Center of School of Life Science, Peking University
2010.3- PKU team for iGEM 2010
The first time when I heart of Synthetic Biology, I thought it sounds like my favorite robot-model assembling, and felt great interest in it spontaneously. Thanks to IGEM and my teammates, I enjoyed a fabulous summer to understand more about SB. It was also a great honor to do the designing work of our wiki. The internet gave me a convenient platform learning computer language, as well as improving my painting strategy.