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   Junyi Jiao

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Jiao Junyi is a member of PKU 2010 iGEM team. You can also call her nickname jiaozi, which means dumpling. She mainly takes parts in the construction of bioabsorbent of the whole system.
Name Junyi Jiao
Interests travel, reading, playing badminton and seeing films
Research Interest cell and molecular biology, biophysics, system biology
2008.9- School of Life Sciences, Peking University
Academic Experience
2010.2-2010.4 cytology lab in Peking University
2010.4- Rao’s lab on the discovery of molecular mechanisms of behavior and genetic analysis of nervous system
2010.3- PKU team for iGEM 2010
Being curious about the essence and secret of nature and life, I want to handle the ideology of maths, physics, chemistry and biology to arrive at a higher standpoint to try to understand the principle of life. iGEM provides us with such a good stage to learn from utilization. I hope I can finish my parts as perfect as I can and learn something new from it.