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   Yuheng Lu

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Name Yuheng Lu
Email lgdeer AT
Interests Computer programming, physics, foreign culture, ACG
Research Interest Microfluidics and biophysics
2007.9- Major in Biology, School of Life Sciences, Peking University 2009.9- Minor in Computer Software, School of Elecronic Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University
Academic Experience
2009.5- Center of Theoretical Biology, Peking University 2010.3- PKU team for iGEM 2010
Statement It is a great experience to participate in 2010 iGEM for it provides me with opportunities to solve problems with people of various backgrounds and learn different ways of thinking. Personally, I have always been interested in describing biological process with basic physical principles, and I will try my best to realize such a goal in the modeling work of this year.