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   Best Memories

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the whole team

Photos taken in the summer...a complete mess =__=|||...

Balloon on the experiment table

Balloon on the experiment table. Somebody said it surprisingly resembled Haoqian Zhang in looks.o( ><)o~~~

Team's mascot~

  The hamster couple are our team's mascots. Their names are   Chaochao & Baobao, which means "gorgeously stylish" in   Chinese.(=v=)~~~

Our Laboratory

  Team members of the wet lab were working in the laboratory.

Birthday Party

  At Ao Liu and Ying Shen's birthday party, we enjoyed a wonderful buffet.

Weekly Meeting

  We had meeting every Sunday in the Center for Theoretical Biology.

Team Pyjama-front Team Pyjama-back

  Our Team's pyjama~~with project's illustration and team's logo on it.

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