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(We thank the following professors for their generous offer of plasmids.)
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University of Chicago
University of Chicago
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Anne O. Summers
Anne O. Summers

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         Team > Acknowledgement

The PKU iGEM 2010 Team strongly acknowledges following institutes/companies

We thank the following professors for their generous offer of plasmids.

Chuan He

Professor of Chemistry

University of Chicago

Anne O. Summers

Professor of Microbiology

University of Georgia

We also want to thank the following professors from Peking University, for supporting us with equipments and reagents.

  • Prof. Qi Ouyang
  • Prof. Bo Zhang
  • Prof. Luhua Lai
  • Prof. Peng Chen
  • Prof. Wensheng Wei
  • Prof. Shiqiang Wang
  • Prof. Yiping Wang
  • Prof. Yi Rao
  • Prof. Shunong Bai
  • →Prof. Fuying Hao

We especially thank Min Lin, An Xiao, Yi Zhang, Xiaomeng Zhang and many other graduated or Ph.D students from Peking University, who not only helped us construct our wiki, but also helped us solve lots of modeling and experimental problems.

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