We chose to follow two differents strategies to obtain our systems of regulation.


For this system of regulation, we decided to synthesized directly the sequence of the curli promoter with the igem restriction sites. In the same time a part with the gene ompR234 is created by PCR, from the genome of the chassi PHL818. You can find here some details about the design of these sequences.

Then we ligate an igem reporter gene with the curli promoter and we wanted to make a double transformation with ompR234 to see if our parts work as we hoped.

curli 14K ou curli 22B construction finale

Curli promoter and reporter gene ligation

Constitutive promoter and ompR234 gene ligation construction finale

Constitutive promoter and ompR234 gene ligation

The final plasmid construction of the thermometer RNA will contain a constitutive promoter(BBa_J23119), the thermometer RNA, the PPI-protein fused and a terminator.

Phasin-intein construction construction finale

Phasin-intein construction

Control under Arabinose

In this part we decided to realize three different constructions to control the regulation. The first one consists in the constitutive production of LuxR and LuxI proteins to control the promoter LuxR/HSL.

The second one is the construction with the promoter LuxR/HSL to control the expression of the operon PhaCAB. To finish a construction with Pbad/araC, which is a promoter whose activity depends on addition of arabinose in medium. In this case, the promoter influences the synthesis of a cI repressor and a phasin-intein construction. The cI repressor is isolated from bacteriophage λ and negatively regulates the activity of the LuxR/HSL regulated promoter. You can find more details on the three constructions here.

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