The iGEM 2010 INSA-Lyon Team !

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This year Pr Lejeune, head of department and professor of microbiology, had floated the idea of the participation at the IGEM competition. Then a group of students from third, fourth and fifth years (us !!) motivated themselves and wanted to be part of the iGEM adventure.

Why we like iGEM competition:

  1. The international aspect: this is an international competition and moreover some of our teammates are abroad for a semester in exchange. Then we run the project from different parts of the globe. There is also Antonio, a spanish student doing an internship in Lyon, who wanted to be part of our project

  2. The meeting with other international students: We want to meet new people with a mutual interest for synthetic biology, but we also want discover all their other interests and create contacts all around the world. We want also share our ideas and way of living.

  3. The research project in synthetic biology: a way to materialize our courses and keep learning by a different way than books.

  4. The idea melting: how to run a project an go on with the ideas of the team members and realize them.

  5. The team atmosphere: We didn’t know each other very well before this adventure and we are, now, a real team with a strong cohesion, ready to share discoveries and works and even more fun...

The IGEM competition is an event which corresponds to the INSA international logic. It's an occasion to push for INSA engineering school through the world and mostly to meet up with other students who share a same subject of predilection.

It was also an occasion for us to really have a mix between students of several years around a same work. In fact the human experience begin before the jamboree because of the group work and will continue at the jamboree in early November.

All of us didn't work in Lyon because a small part of the group begin an exchange semester in September in different university abroad. A Spanish student from Barcelona also joined the team, while he was doing an internship during this summer at Lyon.

We are involved for the first time in this international competition, but we'll do our best ! Our lab is located in the Biosciences Department, in the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyon. Nice place and great city ! We invite you to discover it and share our everyday life thanks to the links on your left.

Meet us with the links Students or Supervisors. You can also have a look on our nice (or not !) photos of our adventure with the Gallery link. More photos are coming soon !

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