1. Biosciences Department of INSA Lyon, especially Sandrine !

  2. UMR5240 CNRS-UCBL-INSA-Bayer Crop Sciences: Microbiologie, Adaptation et Pathogénie,

    particularly, Véro and Jean-Michel !! and also Corinne, Sylvie, Agnès for their help.

  3. UMR203 INRA-INSA: Biologie Fonctionnelle, Insectes et Interactions,

    especially Denis and Andreane.

  4. Joël Kuiper of the Groningen Team, for sharing the wiki's code !

  5. David W. Wood, associate professor at the Ohio State University for the Phasin-Phasin-Phasin-Intein sequence.

  6. Anne-Françoise Schmid, from Humanity Department of INSA Lyon, for her advices in Ethics.

  7. Bruno, a voluntary student, for his English corrections !


Here are the teams we helped for their projects :

  1. Team Warsaw : we are the team with the most answers to their survey !

  2. Team Freiburg Software : funniest picture contest !

  3. Team Edinburgh : we have answered to their survey.

  4. Team METU-Turkey : we have answered to their survey.

  5. Team Hong-Kong CUHK : we have answered to their survey.

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