The Students !

Gaël Chambonnier
Hi! Misses, Mister, E.coli &co. I am in a sabbatical year just before complete my last year of my master degree, so I was fully available for iGEM during the last two months, when everyone was at school or at work. I enjoy to work in a team and to do different thing like lab work, sponsoring... The overnight work was very funny due to the good mood of the team. We are going to set MIT on fire. So, see you there!! And after this?? Lets go to Australia to see what's going on around Biology !!!!

Carole Rabouille
I am a biochemistry and biotechnology student at insa Lyon currently in my 4th year. I thought that it was a huge opportunity to participate at the iGEM competition! First of all to learn some more about microbiology but also to live a great teamwork experience, a way to exchange with people from all over the world. And finally it is a lot of fun!


Marie-Amédée Galbrun
Like a lot of us, I studied biochemestry and biotechnology at Insa de Lyon. I'm very interessed in Microbiology. I enjoyed my summer at IGEM, the team atmosphere. I'm found of sport especially gymnastic and dance. Happy to be part of this adventure!


Pierre-Yves Zundel
Hey ! I’m learning biochemistry and biotechnology at the INSA, but also salsa, rock and rugby. I’m proud to be part of the first INSA-Lyon iGEM Team for this great adventure ! The iGEM competition offers a fantastic opportunity to work like a laboratory, in a team and in a good mood, and improve our own skills and knowledge. Let’s build a smarter cell together !

Mathilde G
Mathilde Guzzo
Student in the fifth year at the INSA Lyon, I am interested in Research and Development in industry. This competition allowed me to do a whole research project from the research of informations to the results presentation. Moreover, I am specialised in Microbiology and Molecular biology. Chassis building, now called Synthetic Biology, is an important tool for the future which has to be controlled. Therefore for me, this project is both a personal and scientific improvement that gathers team work and scientific approach.

Mathilde A
Mathilde Arnault
Hey! I’m a student in 4th year, in Biochemistry and Biotechnology! I like skiing and eating the specialities of my region like cheese! IGEM is my first real experience in a team project and the balance sheet is more than positive: new knowledge, team spirit, fun and human relation and it’s not finish, the human adventure go on to Boston with the meeting with students from all around the world!!!


Alban Edouard-Armand
Hey ! I'm a student in BioInformatics and Modelling. It's my first concrete project in synthetic biology but i'm very motivated. Good luck and see you in the jamboree ;)


Mélanie Geffroy
Passionately fond of bacteria and their incredible powers and possibilities, I love creating new useful and fun bacteria! Team work, salsa dancing and cooking are almost as fun!

Anne Chevrel
Hey, I’m a student in biochemistry and biotechnologies. I’m starting the last year of my master degree.
When I heard about my university started an iGEM team, I directly tought, I want to be part of this adventure !I like the international aspect, the team spirit, the meeting with other students from all over the world and of course I wanted to improve my knowledges and skills in synthetic biology. Without forgetting the fun …!!

Philippe Philippe Thomas
Hi! I’m Philippe… But you can call me Felipe! Why? Because I’m in Brazil for 6 months, in Florianopolis (it’s “just” an island, in the south of Brazil, with “just” 40 beaches… Life is hard :D)! But even under the sun, surfing and enjoying the student exchange life, I’m still helping my friends! Because iGEM is a really cool competition: Science, Fun, Innovation, Friends, Microbiology, International meetings! A really unique experience! I’m really proud to be a part of this first INSA Lyon iGEM Team! And if you want some surf class, to play guitar around a fire, to have a latino dance, I’m your man! ;) Boston, take care, Lyon is in the place!

Coralie Viollet
I am a 5th yr undergrad student at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), in Lyon, France. I joined the iGEM INSA team to discover the emerging field of Synthtic Biology. I was mainly involved in the computer-based approach of the project. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing the piano and driving in the Renault 4L Trophy across the Moroccan desert.

Antonio Freire González
Hi everyone! I am Antonio Freire González and I come from Vigo, the most populated city in Galicia and the biggest fishing port in Europe. I am studying 5th year of Pharmacy in the University of Santiago de Compostela, famous worldwide thanks to its cathedral, where pilgrims from all around the world head to. I made a practice in Lyon this summer so I contacted the team Insa de Lyon and proposed my help for this new IGEM adventure. My passions are waking up Alberto at 6 AM and sleeping in every possible place. I also have other less important hobbies, like playing basketball or geography.

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