The Supervisors !

Arnaud Arnaud Rondelet
Hi everybody ! If you are reading this, there are two possibilities… Either you are lost in this wiki and you don't have anything else to do, or we are interesting people. I like to think that the second choice is the good one. So I am gonna be narcissic and speak about me. I am currently doing a PhD in Microbiology, on a subject that would never interest someone but me. I choose several months ago to join the INSA de Lyon iGEM team as a supervisor. Why ? Because such an experience with motivated and motivating students seemt to be really interesting. What else ? I do not spend all my life in the lab (except during the last two weeks of october 2010, let you guess why). I also like rock music, hiking, travelling around the world and having fun with people.

Soufiane Soufiane Boumahdi
As a student in biochemistry engineering at INSA, I first heard of Igem in 2007, when Endy Drew, Igem's founder came at INSA to promote this new competition in Europe. After two years thinking of this idea, I finally decided to join Igem Paris team in 2009 to enjoy this competition within an experienced team. Convinced that biochemistry department at INSA had the perfect tools to participate this competition, mixing together an engineering background with strong microbiological and bio informatics knowledge, I helped the emergence of a new team and tried to share my experience of the competition with all the team members


Axel Cournac
I defended a Ph.D in the speciality of Interface between Physics and Biology in 2009. I am currently working with bacteria on gene regulation. Thanks to our sponsors for this very cool adventure especially Speed Burger.

Nathalie Isorce
I'm 24 years old. I’ve just finished the French INSA School in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. I‘m doing a master degree, in order to do a PhD about Hepatitis B Virus. I like climbing, skiing, travelling, drinking Belgian beers, going to music concerts, watching Tim Burton’s films and reading Amélie Nothomb’s books. Finally, I hoped that iGEM competition would give me many opportunities: working with various people (done!!), reflecting about an unusual subject, understanding a new concept (under construction as our wiki!!) and above all meeting international people (soon, at the Jamboree!).

Mr Lejeune
Philippe Lejeune
Hi, I am the director of the department of Biosciences of INSA Lyon. I like genetics, genetic engineering, and their historical aspects. Also taking photographs, using Photoshop and traveling. As a belgian citizen I particularly enjoy the marvelous country where I live, France : I am crazy about french culture, literature, landscapes, cities, gastronomy and wines...

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