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Our Droppy Project at a glance !

The plan below shows the progress of our project. You can click above to obtain more informations.

Droppy Project

iGEM Medals requirements


Have fun
Judging form
Team's project description
Poster and Talk at Jamboree
Enter BioBrick's informations
Submit DNA


New BioBricks works
Characterize operations of a new BioBrick


Characterize or improve an existing BioBrick
Help another iGEM team
Develop and document a new technical standard

Our Team

our team

Young team from Lyon, and deeply motivated!

We are waiting for the Jamboree even if we already got so much from the iGEM project. With a team only composed by students, we had to deal with all the scientific and logistic issues and then we acquired great knowledges and competencies.

Without forgetting the incredible human experience and ...

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