Team:Freiburg Software


SynBioWave 2.0 – A Collaborative Toolkit for Synthetic Biology

SynBioWave is an open-source, Synthetic Biology software suite based on Google’s open-source communication tool Wave. SynBioWave enables research collaboration by real-time sharing of parts, design and documentation. Moreover, biologists can record and share the process of creating research data. Last year our team developed the basic SynBioWave robot. This year we ported the main program (Robot) to Wave API 2.0 and improved user friendliness, separated the input and output from the sequence database operations by creating a linked wave for data storage. We also provide the “blueprint-robot”, a framework easing new robot development. Furthermore, we are adding new functionality by creating add-on robots that perform tasks such as BLAST-searches, ORF-finding, translation, sequence alignments and restriction site mapping. The main robot is available at, the source code at and the homepage of the project is

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