Team:Bielefeld-Germany/Public Relations/Press



Press for iGEM Bielefeld

We like to get a feedback to our work and to spread the world with the good opportunities of Syntethic Biology. Hence we did some cooperation with print, radio and tv media.


Westfalen Blatt / local Newspaper:

We got a two-sided leading article in a daily local newspaper with a paid circulation of circa 150.000 copies. Moreover, the paper used the opportunity to discuss the postive and negative sites of Synthetic Biology in a commentary.

Spiegel / national magazine

The "Spiegel" is a weekly nationwide political magazine with 5.91 million readers. We got an advance notice in the section about research.


The first things for starting a PR-strategy are press releases. Therefore we wrote two press relaeses during the project. The releases explain the iGEM competetion as well as our general project idea. It is important for us to state that the projects are organised by the students themselves, which means fundraising, PR and practical research. You can find some of the publications below which followed our press releases.

Our press releases were published by the biotechnolgy cluster of the federal state of north rhine westphalia as well as by the department of education and research (Bundesminesterium für Bildung und Forschung).



We got the opportunity to present our project in a big federal state radio braodcast. The radio broadcast WDR5 is focused on cultural events and research. They produced three radio coverages about us, in order to present our project idea, the problems concerning the experimental research and the outcome of the project. Moreover, they communicated to the public how research is done and what methods are used. The radio station can be received by approximately 18 million listeners (internetbased radio not counted).

Deutschland radio broadcast:

The nationwide radio broadcasting Deutschlandradio, operates in four national networks, Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Dokumente und Debatten and DRadio Wissen. We were broadcasted by the Deutschlandfunk - Forschung aktuell on 5th of November.


nano, 3sat tba:

Moreover we got two documentary spots. The first one was done by a SWR3 team for the scientific research broadcast called "nano". They did a 5 minute spot about the everyday life in the lab, our goals with the project, the general project idea and the iGEM competition. The date for the broadcast will be approx. around 5th or 12th of november.

ARD, "documentary about DNA cooking" tba

Furthermore we participated in a documentary concerning synthetic biology and selfmade "DNA-cooking". The broadcast has to be announced and will be approx. in autumn 2011. The ARD is the first national television and the biggest public broadcast station worldwide. The broadcast station can be received by everybody holding a TV in Germany or an internet access worldwide.

Biotechnology TV Episode 53 (German) 08.30.2010:

All iGEM Teams were interviewed by the internetbased television of the department of education and research, called We participated in the episode 53. The questions concern our main project idea.