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Recent News

Public Discussion
We had the great opportunity to present ourselves and our project in a café in Bielefeld to the general public. There, about 100 interested visitors listened to Prof. Dr. Alfred Pühler's introduction to synthetic biology and to our talk about iGEM and our MARSS project. The feedback was awesome! Prof. Dr. Pühler and we answered loads of questions of the curious audience concerning both technical and ethical aspects of our research.
As the deadline is pretty close and time is rare, we decided to bake some waffles. Besides making about 1000 delicious waffles, we took the chance to present our iGEM-project to the local students and folks of our university. Combining food and public relations was very successful... and tasty!
Public Talk on October 26th
On October 26th the iGEM Team Bielefeld will give a public talk about the comoetition and the project. After a brief introduction in Synthetic Biology by Prof. Dr. A. Pühler we are going to explain our iGEM approach. The Event is hosted by Bielefeld Marketing.

Donwload the Flyer here.
Radio interview on WDR5 - part 2
And the show is going on. There is another interview about iGEM and our team available at the science broadcast of WDR5, called "Leonardo".

Listen to the german podcast here.
TV team number 1
Today we had a TV team in our lab - they were shooting some scenes and interviews with us. The coverage about our team will be in the science broadcasting "nano" on 3sat (german TV station) during the Jamboree in november.
Meet the iGEM team from Odense
(SDU Denmark)
We visited the iGEM team from the SDU Denmark in Odense this weekend. We had a lot of fun (there will be some photos soon) and agreed upon broadening our cooperation for the remaining iGEM competition (e.g. test each others BioBricks).
Radio interview on WDR5 - part 1
A short radio coverage in the science broadcast of WDR5 "Leonardo" about our iGEM team is broadcasted today. Link's here and here's the podcast
Interview with our team on
Here is a short interview with our team in today's broadcast of
Leading article in Westfalen-Blatt
A two-sided leading article about our team and synthetic biology was published in today's edition of the newspaper Westfalen-Blatt.
Team up with the iGEM crew of Odense
Today we attended a video conference with the iGEM-Team of the SDU. We plan to cooperate with them by sharing knowledge and - more important - we plan to get to know the people personally and to have some fun together.