Helping other teams

Improvement of Biobricks

We did a lot of characterizations and improvements of Biobricks. The Bricks can now be used by the iGEM community. Because of a better structure and overview of the website, we published our results on the Biobrickpage Biobricks.

Cooperation with iGEM team SDU-Denmark

Our team was highly motivated to get in contact with other teams and help teams from other countries. During the European workshop in Paris we met members of the iGEM team from SDU-Denmark and the idea of an intense cooperation came up. After the workshop in Paris we held video conferences and discussed current issues of our projects, like problems with the assembly of BioBricks and parts from the registry that did not show the desired function (e.g. BBa_K238008). Especially as we took part in the iGEM competition for the first time we were really grateful for the help of the Danish team, which shared their practical experience with us.

After a few video conferences the idea was born to meet in person and the Danish team invited us to the beautiful city of Odense. On September 24th half of our team got up very – very - very early (3 am) and drove to Denmark. As we were really tired after 8 hours in a small car, we were happy that the team from SDU welcomed us with a relaxed day of playing video games and eating pizza after a short tour through their university and laboratories.

Eating pizza... yummy!

The next day we started the more serious part of our cooperation by presenting our iGEM projects to each other. The main purpose was to determine whether any critical information was missing in our slides and whether other teams were able to understand our project. We hope that this examination will help us to improve our ability to express our project ideas at the jamboree at MIT in a short period of time. After the presentations held by each team we started an inspiring discussion and critically reviewed the experiments and results shown by the other team. This debate was aimed to identify gaps in the setup of experimental strategies, in order to be able to redo few experiments with new controls.

At the end of our meeting ideas came up to actually control certain experiments of each group at the laboratories of the other team. With this helping of the partner team we want to secure the reproducibility of our scientific results at another location, done by other people. For this purpose we tested the quality of BBa_K343006 from the SDU team by quantifying the percentage of different plasmid confirmations (ccc, oc and linear) using CGE (Experience). In return the Danish group characterized our BBa_K389016 according to size and function.

Besides our hard work in Odense we also had a lot of fun with the Danish team. Later that day, we went for a trip in the Old Town of Odense and tried Danish specialties like Danish hot dogs and liquorice ice cream. In preparation of our trip to the US the Danish team invited us to a bowling night the last evening.

Thanks again for a nice trip SDU team!

You are welcome to visit us in Germany any time you want…

Cooperation with iGEM Team Warsaw

We participated at the questionaire of the iGEM Warsaw. The goal of the time is a globel survey about the participaters of the iGEM competitions. This is the first approach on this subject and we are glad that we could be a part of it.

Cooperation with the iGEM Team METU_Turkey_Software

We participated on the survey of the iGEM METU_Turkey_Software. THey try to improve Biobrick standardisation. We hope our answer will help!