This website should be used as a guideline for the iGEM Jamborée Judges.


iGEM Team:

All experiments were done by iGEM team members. No practical labwork was performed by our instructors, the lab hosts or non team members except of a CGE which was carried out by the PlasmidFactory. The research was done by ourselves, including all molecular biological work (PCRs, restrictions, ligations, assemblies, plasmid isolations and controls on agarplates), all work concerning the cultivation of our samples (cultivation in shake flasks, microplate reader and test tubes) and all work performed at the GLOMAX Multi Detection System (Promega GmbH) reader. Furthermore we did the PR strategy and the fund-raising by ourselves.


The iGEM Team instructors helped us with the general idea of the project. We got a lot of brainstorming meetings in order to create our final project idea. Moreover the instructors answered our questions concerning the theoretical background of the project. This includes problems in the wetlab (error-prone pcr) and the lab strategy (Which method for the mutation should be used? On which subpart of the project should be the focus right now?!).


The CeBiTec supported us with laboratories and the equipment. Furthermore, all our biobricks were sequenced by IIT Biotech.


Most of the translations were done by non members of the team. We would like to thank all native speakers for the collaborations with us in the following languages:

  • French
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Spanish