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Foto Gallery

Waffles, the first
Our first Waffle-Baking-Action. The making of :-)

See our second waffle/infopoint in the other gallery.
Waffles, again!
We brought some waffles to the folks of Bielefeld and took the chance to explain our project to interested students, lecturers and other waffle-fans.

Plus powdered sugar!
Have a look at us feeding Bielefeld.
Public Discussion in the Science Café
Have a look at the pictures from our talk, where we presented ourselves and our project to the public in a local café. For further reading you might be interested in a more detailled review.
One day in the lab
Some pictures of our working place and some of our crew.
Black and White
Some expressions of our laboratory.
Some impressions of our university
Bielefeld University as we see it every day. There are some really nice black-and-white fotographs in this gallery. Please have a look!
Road to Bielefeld University
That is what we see, when we arrive at our University every morning.
If you have a minute, go for a walk through Bielefeld, our hometown. You may find some cosy places here and there.

We have removed the too big advertisements in the pictures, just to be sure.