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Best regards to the following people, who answered our questions concerning business, biological quests or personal problems:


  • Modelling Team (Graduate school for Biosignaling)

Special thanks to

  • Prof. Alfred Pühler
  • Prof. Thomas Noll
  • Center for BioTechnology (CeBiTec)
  • The Coryne Group at the CeBitec who survived our occupation of their laboratories

Partner Teams

  • iGEM Team ZJU-China
  • iGEM Team Odense


  • Elsa Duval
  • Christina Sophie Lübke
  • Xi Chen
  • Varun Shah
  • Marco La Russa
  • Dimitri Miller
  • Teresa Quiroga Puertas
  • Jana Blotenberg
  • iGEM Team ZJU-China

Fans of our Team

We would like to thank all people visiting our wiki and the website.