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Design Note


In this occasion, we have added a new Design Team constituted mainly of Design Students at KIT. Here we describe the activities of this Design Group.The main theme of our project is "At the Intersection of Art and Science" . The underlying reason for this selection of this theme is our desire to connect people with science. The poster of our proposed work “E.coli pen and Wiki” was entirely crafted by the design group. We hope that the work of the design group enhances the interest of more people towards synthetic biology.


B3 Kokado Naoya
B3 Tsuchida Miki
B3 Matsubara Akiko
B3 Sakata Junichi
B1 Adachi Yuka

Time Table

Wiki, CG Design (Aug22-Oct23)
9:00-19:00(sometimes 9:00-22:00)
Flash, Poster, Presentation Design (Oct1-Nov1)
Mon.-Fry. After school
Sat. Sun. 9:00-23:00
Regular meeting
Every Fryday 19:00-21:00