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We used these parts for making our original biobrick parts

1.We obtained these parts from 2010 iGEM kit

NamePart typeResistanceInsertVectorContents
pSB3K3(BBa_J04450)Plasmid backboneKanamycin738bp2750bppromoter(LacI) +RBS+mRFP+T+T
pSB6A1(BBa_J04450)Plasmid backboneAmpicillin738bp4032bppromoter(LacI) +RBS+mRFP+T+T
pSB1C3(BBa_J04450)Plasmid backboneChloramphenicol1069bp2072bppromoter(LacI) +RBS+mRFP+T+T
pSB1AK3(BBa_I732950)Protein domainKanamycin3230bp2079bpRBS+LacZ+T+T
pSB1A2(BBa_E0240)Protein domainAmpicillin883bp2079bpRBS+GFP+T+T
pSB1A2(BBa_I13507)Protein domainAmpicillin937bp2079bpRBS+RFP+T+T
pSB1A2(BBa_E0420)Protein domainAmpicillin878bp2079bpRBS+CFP+T+T
pSB1A2(BBa_E0430)Protein domainAmpicillin878bp2079bpRBS+YFP+T+T

2.We obtained this part directly from iGEM HQ

We added new information to the BioBrick Part (pSB6A1) shown below that was originally developed by the 09’Tokyo-Tech group. This BioBrick Part having the backbone of pSB6, a low copy plasmid was designed to express GFP in E. coli. Generally low copy plasmid is more efficient in protein expression in compared with high copy plasmid such as pSB1. However no quantitative data on the efficiency of GFP expression with this plasmid was described in any site of iGEM. We therefore measured intensities of fluorescence of GFP protein produced in E. coli carrying the pSB6A1 and compared with that carrying the pSB1A2. The data clearly showed that expression level of GFP is much higher in E. coli carrying pSB6A1 than that carrying pSB1A2. Thus we decided to use pSB6 vector to measure activities of various promoters responsible to H2O2. We thank the 09’Tokyo-Tech group who has originally developed this part.This new information would be useful for the other iGEM teams in future.

>>About pSB1 vs pSB6
NamePart TypeResistanceInsertVector
pSB6A1(BBa_K121013)Protein domainAmpicillin883bp4022bpRBS+GFP+T+T

We designed and constructed these parts originally.

We cloned the following inserts into the vector, pSB6A1. Out of them we cloned the two inserts(BBa_K362005, BBa_K362007) into the pSB1C3 to send to the iGEM headquarter.