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Canoe excursion

One of our greatest adventure outside the laboratory: Driving a canoe requires team work and arrangement. Everybody has to paddle synchronously, otherwise there is no chance to stay dry. A must do in team challenges!

Team meeting in the pizzeria

One of the meetings in our numerous row, a comfortable atmosphere to make further project plans is guaranteed.

ScieTalk in Heidelberg

ScieTalk is the student congress of science in Germany giving young scientists and professors the chance to present their innovative ideas without any participation fee. This year, it was the first time that it took place in Heidelberg. A good opportunity to get impressions of poster presentations, to meet interesting people and maybe a potentional sponsor for the own project. We also had the chance to meet Mr. Kleinschmidt from the DKFZ and thanked him for many of the aav plasmids and antibodies against aav we received from him.

Barbecue on the roof

Having a barbecue on the wondeful top of our biology building. To be a good scientist, sometimes there should be a break and something to eat.

Any given Sunday... literature session

Regular brain stormings to complete the needed knowledge for our project. By discussing the literature in small groups it is easier to keep everything in mind.

Get to know the team... in the kitchen

The best way of getting to know each other: working together in the lab kitchen, sharing the same implements and receipts for cooking and finally having a good meal.

How to build a virus capsid

Aim of the experiment: Build a virus capsid.
Methods and materials: Team and instructor parts (iGEM Team 2010, Freiburg) arranged in a stochiometry ratio of 1:1:10, regulated by team coding elements.
Results: 20 people enjoying the wonderful process of virus assmbly.

The press visits our lab

Our project in a public focus: A journalist from the german radio station "Deutschlandfunk" came to visit us in our lab. An interesting experience to be interviewed and to represent our project for a general publicity.