Team:Freiburg Bioware/Team/Contribution



Faculty Instructors

Kristian M. Müller guided us during the whole time with his great expertise and knowledge. He was never to busy to have a talk with us.

Katja M. Arndt was with us during the start-up phase but then had to leave us during the project, because she followed a call to a professorship in Potsdam.

We were allowed to use their lab and all the equipment we needed. In the lab no one ever worked with AAV-2.

Ph.D candidate Instructors

Sven Hagen & Tobias Baumann taught us how to work in a lab and helped us to get practice in many methods , e. g. they provided special iGEM training sessions for cloning and how to run a cell culture. Later on the students who already knew how to work shared their knowledge with the other team members, so that they could work in their own, too. Sven and Tobias always offered their help if we were in trouble with the daily lab work.

Post Doc Advisor

Our advisor Amor Hajri had some experience with lentiviruses. He gave us an introduction on handling viral systems in general. He also never worked with AAV-2 before.

The diploma student Björn Albrecht from the technical faculty helped us with the AFM imaging.

The technician Barbara Sauer from Katja’s lab taught us how to use the Beckman Coulter Counter for flow cytometry analysis and how to evaluate the results.

Faculty member Jochen Golecki showed us how to take pictures with the EM.

From day one, the team Freiburg_Bioware 2010 met weekly to make agreements, coordinate future work in the lab, and to talk about methods and the development of the project.