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Freiburg Bioware's 2010 iGEM Project BioBrick Parts

In the list below you find an overview over the BioBrick parts, which were created by the iGEM team Freiburg_Bioware 2010 and which are provided within the Virus Construction Kit. This kit comprises various parts that can be used to produce therapeutic viral vectors based on the Adeno-associated Virus (AAV-2). For clarity and better usability we sorted the parts into categories that can also be found in the parts registry:

  • //viral_vectors
  • //viral_vectors/aav
  • //viral_vectors/aav/capsid_coding
  • //viral_vectors/aav/vector_plasmid
  • //viral_vectors/aav/vector_miscellaneous

For the production of different therapeutic viral particles three types of plasmid are transfected: (i) one to two capsid coding plasmids that code for (i.i) the wild-type part of the capsid proteins and the rep proteins and (i.ii) a modified capsid protein for retargeting, (ii) a vector plasmid that contains the ITRs and is armed with a therapeutic gene of interest (GOI) that will be packaged into the viral capsid, and (iii) the helper plasmid. The third category of parts contains also miscellaneous plasmids, which are related or required for the Virus Construction Kit.

The Virus Construction Kit categories - click to view

Capsid coding parts Vector plasmid Miscellaneous parts

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