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1. Labday 31.03.2010

Sequence analysis

Investigators: Christian W., Bea, Kira, Achim, Kerstin, Hanna, Christian L. (Tobias, Kristian)

Theoretical cloning

Sequence analysis (Alignement) of Stratagene Vector with

  • AAV2
  • AAV5
  • AAV7
  • AAV8


Notably, the alignment showed differences in the various AAV2 sequences, some of which are leading to frameshifts. The sequences date from 1983 and might not be completely accurate. We therefore rely on the Stratagene sequence from now on.

To do:

  • download and compare further AAV serotypes. (in Geneious)
  • compare literature
  • find out possible ways to modify the capsid
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