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UBC iGEM 2010

Our team is composed of 9 undergraduate students, 2 graduate advisors and 3 faculty advisors. We are a diverse team from various disciplines including Pharmacology, Life Sciences, Physiology, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Materials Engineering, Engineering Physics and Computer Science. This page describes each team member and their contributions! If you'd like to see our license, visit our official team profile.

Feel free to say hi if you bump into us at Jamboree! Or send us an email at!

Faculty Advisors

Graduate Student Advisors

iGEM Team Members

2009 iGEM Students-turned-Mentors

UBC iGEM Words of Wisdom

You can't optimize what you don't have - Eric L.

Do what makes you happy, and everything else will follow - Eric L.

My motto: To give more of yourself than you take away. - Alina

UBC iGEM Wall of Quotes

The only lesson I've learnt so far is "I have to do it again." - Phillip

iGEM: New and interesting ways to fail. - Eric L.

I know it's nice out, but make sure you wear your pants. - Eric F.

Are they easy to contaminate? Oh, sorry, I'm Rafael by the way. - Rafael

Alina: So one PCR product was twice the size of the other and you ran both in the same PCR? Why?

Phillip: It was Phusion. I thought it was magic!

Eric F.: (on September 22) It feels like Jamboree is next week.

Alina: It's not.

I've got a few drafts, but you don't want to see it. It's mostly swear words and stuff. - Eric F.

People who don't know what synthetic biology is are at least 10 smoots away from commenting on its applications and ethics. - Alina

Alina: Maybe we should ask Red Bull for sponsorship.

Eric L.: That could be part of our human practices project-investigating which energy drink is the best.

Alina: That could be part of our gold medal achievements too-it'll help ALL of the iGEM teams.

(After 4 months of failing to obtain a S. aureus phage from another lab) I guess we should have tried a soil sample from outside the building? - Charles

So much hair... - Eric F.

If the curve looks bad, we're not doing it again. - Eric F.

(One team meeting in June 2010)
Who is Steve Jones? - Alina

(September 2010)
Who is this Elf you speak of? - Alina

(5 minutes later)
Who is this Road Warrior you speak of? - Alina

What are we talking about? Suddenly I just hear all these keywords. - Vicki

(On Shakespeare and biofilms)
Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say! - Alina

(On Jamboree) Just wait until the UBC people meet the Albertans. There's going to be trouble! - Rafael

We're all nerds here-there's no denying that! - Eric L.

Interesting how our funny quotes are 5x longer than our words of wisdom... - Alina

What does it mean---the wiki gets frozen? When does it get un-frozen? - Alina

I was intending on proofreading this and editing it significantly before sending it, but for some reason they're making me do work at work, so it has to go out as is. - Eric F.

We had a quote last night, but we can't remember it now! - Vicki and Marianne

We should send in P2-Kevin to the Parts Registry. - Phil

(Regarding the Human Practices forum posts) Finally! Someone besides me and Dr. Lagally! - Alina

(After an all-nighter...) Rick: I think you guys killed Rafael.

Eric L.: We're going to need a defrillbulator for Marianne.

Wiki: Due Monday October 25th, 2010 or else suffer Alina's wrath... - Vicki

(About the team presentation at Jamboree) Eric L.: Someone's going to wear a swimsuit, right?

Alina: It's definitely Eric F.

I'm scared. - Vicki

The main problem was our lack of success. - Phil

(During a presentation meeting) I feel like I just sat through an episode of America's Top Model. - Alina

When Marianne and Vicki are not communicating at the same frequency, something is terribly wrong. - Marianne