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Synthetic Biology & Society

Whether it's agriculture, healthcare, the environment or the economy, synthetic biology has an increasingly important role to play! Join in our discussions!

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NaNoWriMo x iGEM

In our first collaboration ever, iGEM and NaNoWriMo unite to showcase stories featuring synthetic biology! Follow these novelists over the month of November!

Once upon a time...

Art disturbs, science reassures ~Georges Braque

What can generate more inspiration or discussion than art? And what is not art? Come take a look. Better yet, contribute!

Be disturbed!

Promoter Maps

We collected hundreds of definitions of synthetic biology from the UBC community-undergrads, grad students and faculty from various disciplines. These definitions were sorted by field/occupation as well as level of education in order to synthesize these promoter maps. Each promoter map consists of words arranged from highest to lowest frequency (with implemented cut-off points), representing the prevalent ideas in our community's awareness of synthetic biology!

Word Clouds

Can't get enough? We've got a storm of word clouds headed this way. Each represents definitions of synthetic biology from students in different disciplines!

The Synthetic Biology Art Gallery

"Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world." -Leonardo da Vinci

"Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us." -Roy Adzak

"Art is literacy of the heart." -Elliot Eisner

"The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery." -Francis Bacon

"What a society deems important is enshrined in its art." -Harry Broudy

Whatever your thoughts on art are, come visit our gallery and send us your very own artwork on synthetic biology!


National Novel Writing Month participants aim to write an astounding 50,000-word novel within the month of November. In our first collaboration ever, iGEM and NaNoWriMo unite to showcase stories featuring synthetic biology!

Augmented Genesis by Tony Southcotte
Mankind has undergone a synthetic evolution. So when an electromagnetic storm comes, chaos ensues.

Bridges by Edrei Zahari
In the aftermath of WW3, a genetically enhanced platoon of UN peacekeepers patrol the irradiated countryside...

Brought to Life by Richard S. Crawford
It's the epic story of the first synthetic person and the challenges he faces as he tries to establish his own identity.

Catharsis by David Litherland
A malicious scientist has developed an airborne mutagen which turns rational humans into mindless, violent drones...

Fledgling Wings by Angelica A.
Jonas is a hybrid of human and animal. Now he must discover the secrets behind the disappearance of chimeras.

Kalopsiac Green by Karen Llamas
Thomas and Felix were sold to science, and they know all too well this isn't the destiny sci-fi novelists dreamt of.

Lyghts by Lyvie Hallman Taylor
A scientist finds hope in LYGHT: DNA codes that enhance everything from physical attraction to touch.

Machmen by Kay Proctor
Robots turn the tables and program humans to obey the Three Laws of Robotics - for better or for worse.

Perfect Monster by Maggie Burns
A researcher who commits crimes against humanity tries to save the world from the terrible consequences.

Progress Unbound by David Scheidl
Synthetically augmented humans have colonized distant planets and continue to experiment to better survive.

Twice by Vivian Rivera
It isn't safe to say Joseph was murdered because he's still alive. He's just not in his own body.

Intrigued? Come visit our NaNoWriMo-iGEM Showcase!