Team:BIOTEC Dresden/Materials


Plastic and Glass wares
Micro Tubes with Caps (1.5 ml) Sarstedt
PCR Plates (96 well) Sarstedt
Multiply Strips (0,2ml) and Lid Chain Nerbe Plus
Gene Pulser Cuvettes (0.2 cm) BioRad
Falcon tubes Falcon
Combitips Eppendorf
Gloves Carl Roth
Phusion Polymerase New England Biolabs
Taq Polymerase New England Biolabs
T4 DNA Ligase Promega M 1804
Ultra Pure Water Sigma Aldrich
10x Taq buffer New England Biolabs
10x Phusion buffer New England Biolabs
Chloramphenicol New England Biolabs
Ampicillin Sigma Aldrich
Kanamycin Sigma Aldrich
Electrocompetent and Chemicalcompetent Cells: DH5 alpha
Restriction Digest
AgeI New England Biolabs
SpeI New England Biolabs
EcoRI New England Biolabs
BamHI New England Biolabs
NgoMIV New England Biolabs
NEB 2 Buffer New England Biolabs
BSA New England Biolabs
Plating and overnight cultures
LB Plates (100μg/ml Ampicillin, 15μg/ml Chloramphenicol, 30μg/ml Kanamycin, 10μg/ml Tetracyclin)  
Bunsen burner  
Purification Kits
Qiagen Miniprep kit Qiagen
Qiagen Gel Extraction kit Qiagen
Qiagen PCR purification kit Qiagen
AHL detection
MF membrane, pore size 0.22μm, diam. 47mm Sigma-Aldrich N8645
Genios Pro Platereader TECAN
Gel Electrophoresis
6x Gel Loading Dye New England Biolabs
1Kb Plus DNA Ladder New England Biolabs/Invitrogen
TBE and TAE Buffers  
Ultra Agarose Invitrogen
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