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     Detection of cell surface cancer markers is a key diagnostic step during cancer therapy as it allows the efficiency of a therapy to be determined. Current antibody-based flow cytometric detection methods are the gold standard. For our 2010 iGEM project, we hope to develop SensorBricks as a reliable and modular system for antigen recognition, signal amplification and quantification.

We want to push the boundaries of detection in order to allow earlier diagnosis and thus improve therapeutic prognosis in cancer therapy. Initial steps of SensorBricks will focus on the detection of CD33 and other leukemic markers to increase diagnostic stringency. read more


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Behind iGEM

     iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) is an undergraduate competition on synthetic biology held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. More info

The central idea of iGEM is the application of synthetic biology, which is the combination of biological science with engineering, by introducing modifications and assembly of biological parts. The standardized biological parts (BIOBRICKS) are used to build safe and reliable biological devices to be used in several applications, either in living cells or for environmental and industrial applications. iGEM is not only restricted to using the BIOBRICKS, but it involves systematically engineering biological processes, developing the new biological parts and characterising the existing ones.

iGEM is a great opportunity for students to understand research methodology and team work. Every step in the project, starting from brainstorming, project design, experiments, troubleshooting, report writing and presentation is done by the students with the timely guidance and support from experienced supervisors.

     Our group Biotec_Dresden is the official team of the Technical University of Dresden. It is supported by several institutes in Dresden, mainly BIOTEC and the Max Planck Institute for Cell biology and Genetics. The team includes MSc students from Molecular Bioengineering and Nanobiophysics as well as diploma students from the Faculty of Biology and Faculty of Dentistry at TU Dresden. All the members have diverse study and research background like Molecular and Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Biology, Programming, Material Science, and Biochemical Engineering, which gives the team a unique and complete spirit and different insights on ideas and approaches.

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