Team:BIOTEC Dresden/RFC Novel Normalization Standard using Fluorescence


BBF RFC #: Novel Normalization Standard using Fluorescence

Syed Habib Tahir Bukhari, Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Adithya Ananth, Victor Gordeev, Svea Grieb, Sarah Mansour, Mareike Roth, Charanya Sampathkumar, Lucas Schirmer, Jonathan Tam

27th October 2010

1. Purpose

The Biotec_Dresden Team 2010 developed an approach where two fluorescent proteins are simultaneously expressed. The fact that one reporter, in our case RFP, is constitutively expressed allows to monitor cell growth. Secondly, an inducible promoter drives the expression of the second reporter, YFP in the case of the part tested. The constitutively expressed reporter protein (R1) serves as normalization factor for the inducible reporter (R2) by simple division.

2. Relation to other BBF RFCs

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  • 1.15 BBF RFC14: Protein domain fusions in BB-2 assembly
  • 1.26 BBF RFC 25: Fusion Protein (Freiburg) BioBrick™ assembly standard
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BioBrick Determination of Promoter Activity
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3. Copyright Notice

Copyright (C) The BioBricks Foundation (20##). All Rights Reserved.

4. Background

Performing kinetic measurements involving fluorescence in living cultures like bacteria requires the monitoring of growth generally performed using optical density (OD) measurements. These help to normalize the obtained fluorescent data and gain the actual values of fluorescence containing information about the actual cell number contributing to the overall fluorescence. To date this procedure is routinely followed.

5. Novel Approach

Instead of using OD measurements for normalization of fluorescent data R1 is introduced to the analyzed DNA construct containing inducible R2. Tests showed that this normalization standard is comparable and even more advanced than the routinely performed OD procedure.

6. Standard Procedure

  • Assemble R1 with the target construct using any of the mentioned BioBrick standard assemblies (Chapter 2) resulting in the following properties
  • R1 MUST be constitutively expressed
  • Both fluorescent reporters MUST NOT have an overlapping emission spectra
  • Both fluorescent reporters SHOULD NOT have an overlapping emission spectra
  • R2 SHOULD only be expressed upon desired induction
  • The complete construct MUST NOT include a negative feedback loop
  • R2 MUST NOT express a pigment
  • Promoter activity SHOULD be defined
  • 7. Author’s Contact Information

    Emali: User@domain
    Syed Habib Tahir Bukhari: habib-tahir.syed-bukhari
    Ashwini Rahul Akkineni: ashwini-rahul.akkineni
    Adithya Ananth: adithya.ananth
    Victor Gordeev: victor_gordeev
    Svea Grieb: maj-svea.grieb
    Sarah Mansour: sarah.mansour
    Mareike Roth: Mareike.Roth
    Charanya Sampathkumar: charanya.sampathkumar
    Lucas Schirmer: lucas.schirmer Jonathan Tam: jywtam


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