Team:USTC Software/notebook 4



Zhen Wang

Learining from other biology reaction network simulation software – Berkeley Software Team 2009, SynBioSS, TinkerCell, CellDesigner, because the realization of our game need simulation too. Thinking about the big picture of our game, the simulation, the UI, the database, the play modes. (Liao)Chen Liao promoted a way to do the simulation – every biobrick will have an input and an output. Though following discussion proved it was not a great idea, it is a good start for the simulation part of out game.

Kun Jiang

To start our project, I begin a detailed study of biology related softwares, including SynBioSS, CellDesigner and TinkerCell. Especially, TinkerCell is a open source software, so I can read it's source code to carefully research biology simulation software. Those softwares provide me a lot of ideas, direct our development and influence our design.

Luojun Wang

Strict rules for safety have been considered and made.To start our own human practice, previous works have been investigated.

Shangyu Luo

Having made sure that our project will be about a game in synthetic biology, we begin to discuss the components of our software. Basically, we divide it into two parts: fore-end and back-end. I will work on the later one which includes simulation, database, interface, etc. Furthermore, I focus on the model and simulation of biological reactions and try to find a proper method to serve for our project.