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On this page we provide the information of downloading the executable files and source files of our project, and the documentation to introduce the source code build steps and system prerequisites.


Executable files can be download at SourcForge
Project source code is available at gitHub

Source Code OverView

We use C++ as our programming language, cmake to manage our project, git to reversion control, yacc and lex to build our model file input assistant tool, Qt4 to build the GUI, Oracle dbxml as our Database manager system. Other wise, several 3-rd party open source software or tools are used in our iGame source code. Libsbml is used to deal with sbml file operations. Qwt and Qwtplot3D are used for simulation data visual system. At the early stage of our project SBML Ode Solver and Sundials were our main ode solver to produce the simulation data from our sbml model file, because the latest SBML Ode Solver is 1.6.0, developed in 2005, which is out of date and fail to support the newest sbml Level 2 Version 4 standard. We succeed in updating the SBML Ode Solver 1.6.0 to support SBML L2V4, but some unfixed bugs was found, so we turn to a better ode solver copasi, which moreover can flexibly display the ode solver output data and modify parameter to adjust the simulation output data curve. Obviously, those open source library and tools convenient to our design and implementation and help us to focus on our core working.

Build instruction


To sum up, iGame should be complied and run in computers with following tools and libraries:

  • C++ development environment. In Linux should be GNU C++ Tool Chain And in windows MingW Tool Chain.
  • Qt4 develop and run-time environment. Qt4.7 is requirement. Editor or IDE like QtCreator or Vim is also needed.
  • CMake, to configure the project and generate the Makefile. CMake 2.8 or later version is a requirement
  • dbxml, The Berkeley xml native database, is available at
  • copasi, copasi 4.6 is a requirement. the source code and executable binary file can be downloaded at, and one can follow those instruction to build it from source code. What should be noticed is that copasi also has prerequisites, including LAPACK/CLAPACK for Maths, Qwt and Qwtplot3D for plotting, expat to parser xml, raptor The latest version of this RDF parsing library, and libsbml for deal with SBML operations.
  • libsbml, Version 3.4.1 is required. Not only it is the dependence of copasi, but also the dependence of igame core code.
And libsbml should be built with configure option "./configure --enable-layout=yes --enable-compression=no --with-expat"
  • Bison & Flex
To compile our code, bison and flex is required. They are used to build a expression parser in igame/core/str_cacu path. To get the those software and more detailed information, please visit Bison site and Flex site.

  • git, to download our source code by command our source code can be downloaded in github, git is helpful to download.
  • git clone git://


We use cmake to manage the build progress, cmake can generate cross-platform Makefile, we intend to make our project could be built in different operating system. Until now, only Linux operating system is tested. Windows and Mac should be supported soon. Download all source code, run cmake-gui to configure the project. Pay attention to the configure information.There should be "missing ***" messages when Cmake fail to find the dependent libraries. To fix those messages, one need to assign the path of related libraries by Cmake GUI. When Makefiles are successfully generated, execute the Make command to build.