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Xiaomo Yao

I am soumort! I have nothing to say!!

Chen liao

My Profile:

Chen Liao, Room 418, Key Lab of Quantum Information, CAS, East Campus, USTC Hefei, Anhui 230026, China,

I’ve just began my first year in the Optics and Optical Engineering program as a master candidate at University of Science and Technology of China. I became interested in iGEM because I found it a great chance to learn synthetic biology. Since iGEM is a student-run and student-manage programe which encourages students both to work collectively in a team and work individually to complete one's own task, it is a great experience to exercise my team working ability as well as creative ideas. In the last months, especially the summer, I worked with students from different disciplines to design and implement our project together and have learnt a lot from them. It is rather a wonderful experience to work with all team members. (^▽^)

As a student of department of physics, my research area is development of first principle theory and implementation of LCAO (Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals) algorithms. As a member of LiXin He's group, I have successfully implemented atomic force calculation in LCAO method and my next project is to modify and develop algorithms under condition of magnetic B field. Besides scientific research, I do sports very often. Basketball is my favorite and my favorite basketball player is Kevin Garnett (K.G.), his professional attitude on the court as well as his individual character in the life impresses me a lot.

Zhen Wang

I am Zhen Wang!

Zhen Wang, Room 418, Key Lab of Quantum Information, CAS, East Campus, USTC Hefei, Anhui 230026, China. Email:;;

Hi, I'm Zhen Wang, I mainly work on MoDeL and Database of iGAME. As a member of Lixin He's research group, I focus mainly on calculation of quantum information, quantum correlation and entanglement.

You might have noticed that my address is same as Liao's. Yes, we are from the same Research Group, and the same department, too. It will be boring if I repeat all the information again, so I am going to write some experience of myself participating iGEM2010.

As a student majoring physics, it is hard for me to believe that I can participate in a biology project. Luckily, to my great surprise, these two areas are not so far apart. Modeling and analyzing skills of physics can also be used in biology, and dry project always means a lot of coding task, I can handle that, too. Of course, there is plenty of biology I need to learn, but with the help of our instructor and wet team members, I learn it fast. So I want to tell everyone that there's no limit in iGEM, join in and unleash your power!

Kun Jiang


I am Kun Jiang, the cheif software developer in iGem 2010 USTC_Software team, responsible for designing the global architecture of our software and developing the ODE Solver module, Berkley database interface module and several simple tools for teammates.

It is my second year of studying in computer applied technology lab of Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences as a master candidate. I am interesting in software engineering and Computer Sicence. Last year I noticed the recruit advertisement of iGem 2010 USTC_Software team in school BBS website. I make the decision to apply immediately. It's really happy for me during those past server months working with our team.

I play Ping Pong most during my spare time, because Ping Pong is a sport emphasizes on speed, skill and acting harmony ability rather than brute force. And I go jogging every day, which i think is a good way to relieve pressure and keep me in health!

I want to be a brilliant software engineer developing some brilliant works. I gain strong knowledge in software engineering and computer algorithms. IGEM 2010 is one step to my ambitions, it is a important project but not the last project of my engineering life, I wish I would develop more and more softwares in future. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me please!

Yubo Qi

I am Yubo Qi!

Yubo Qi 3005, national labotarory for physical sciences at the microscape

I am an undergraduate student in theoretical physics. But I am also interested in chemical physics and biology. In my labotarory, I concentrate on the calculation about transmission in nanostructure. However, biology science is also my favourite. So, I decide to join USTC_Software team of iGem 2010. Now I write database of biology reaction for my team. I love biology, chemistry, physics and decide to devote myself to the research of interdisipline in the future.

Luojun Wang

Luojun Wang(Vic Wong)

Dept. of Statistics & Finance, USTC, Hefei, Anhui 230026, China;

Lab of Systems Biology of Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, USTC, Hefei, Anhui 230026, China;;

Hey, I'm Vic, an undergraduate senior student majoring in mathematical statistics. Yet my research field is biology statistics, and that is why I'm here.

For IGEM, I'm mainly responsible for human practice and have been giving lectures as well as other promotions on both synthesis biology and IGAM. It is this special experience that has not only made my college life amazing, but also presented me with a broader view of biology. Besides working for IGEM, I've also been researching biology statistics, including bioinformatics and biology networks.

My goal is to be a biostatistician in the future, on which I'm gonna keep putting effort. Now I'm applying for an opportunity to study as a biostatistics PhD. Good luck to me, huh? : )

Jue Wang

I am Jue Wang!:)

Dept. of Math, USTC, Hefei, Anhui 230026, China;


Hi,I am Jue, a Math majored senior student. As the boundaries among different disciplines of science are now blurring, I want to handle the ideology of maths to arrive at a higher standpoint to try to understand the principle of life. iGEM provides us with such a good state to learn from utilization.

In this group, I am the unique girl among nine boys, and the most frequently spoken of mine is "Oh, it's my duty to get some soy sauce! " Strange, huh? The connotation of it is not words but meanings. Those guys are too gentle to arrange me doing something of coding.So I am more involved in clerical works, I design the team uniform and our logo,arrange the scheduling and get in touch with sponsors and alumni connection. My life is full of unpredictable tasks, who can tell me what is the next?

Zhaoyi Li

My profile:

Zhaoyi Li, Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale & National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, East Campus, USTC Hefei, Anhui 230026, China, </p>

During my 2 years’ journey in the nano world, I got to know iGEM and joined in USTC Software team with great honor. Just as NEW YORK TIMES says, iGEM is a Do-It-Yourself Genetic Engineering Program. I am strongly attracted by this idea and cannot help imaging the science fiction picture where our daily life is changed by our genetic machine. It is unforgettable to have a brainstorm with talents from different academic background and turn our imagines into reality. Thanks to iGEM, I experienced a new trip in the synthetic biology and benefited a lot from my partners. Also, to compete against more than 1,000 other students from 100 schools, including many top-flight institutions is exciting.

I love traveling and always enjoy trips with my friends. I have a dream that one day I can travel around the world to discover the great scenery make new friends and experience different culture. Sports is also my favorite, I am good at playing football and gifted in table tennis.

Zhenda He

I am Zhenda he!

Hello , everyone! My name is He Zhengda , a student from Chemical Physics Department in University of Science and Technology of China . To be a member in 2010 USTC_Software is a really great time for me during the boring semester ! I met a lot of interesting people in the IGEM lab , and I wish to meet all you guys during the Jamboree . I have a enormorous interest in math , computer science and designing stuff . I am a Wiki interface designer in our team . So I hope everyone like it . It's a short description of me~ See you in the Jamboree!

Shangyu Luo

I am Shangyu Luo!

Introduction: Hi all, I am Shangyu Luo. It is my Chinese name and my English name is Seraph. I am very pleased with attending iGEM competition with my teammates of USTC SOFTWARE. My major is computer science and I am interested in both computer and biology. During this competition, I gain a lot and make many friends. Thanks for my teammates, teachers and School of Computer Science and Technology! Additionally, I favor AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the fields of computer science, if you would like to create some beings together with me and to make them intelligent, please feel free to contact with me! Thanks all!

By Seragh
School of Computer Science and Technology
University of Science and Technology of China