Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/7 October 2010



Plan: Finish EPF-Lausanne database, finish E.coli oscillator database, update DB document. Settle the DB format for good(hopefully).

Summary: As our simulation program becomes more and more mature, we encounter more problems in consistency of our database. We all want to make major changes and make it right this time, but sadly we don’t have the time. So we make minor changes, add patches to fix the bugs, but we have to let go of the unconsistency in substituent, compartment and other places. Now the DB looks not beautiful or elegant, but usable. This is good enough since our first goal now is to make our software work, and a DB that can properly describe simple reaction networks should be enough. We plan to leave major changes to further development.

Most of our team members work intensively during the 7 days off, and the achievement of their work is rich. DB of both EFP-Lausanne and Synchronized Ecoli are basically finished. Tables and graphs on DB structure has been published. Our software core seems finally begin to function right. UI is under constructing. All the codes are now on github.

We schedule our trip and book plane tickets to Beijing, Chicago and Boston. Jue Wang is now in charge of money and team wear.

We dined together on Oct 1, but without a relaxed mind, it was not fun for me. What actually thrills me up is to explore my potential and to find how much can be done in the 7 days. I do have fun working beyond my limit.