Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/3 May 2010



Zhen Wang

Write a PPT on the framework of our game, which focused on database. We came to the conclusion that the database should have the following features, quick search, links to reactions, inheritance between different parts, easy to add elements, and most of them are still suitable now(Aug, 2010).

Kun Jiang

Study the specification document of libsbml make an attempt at developing a sbml ode solver basing on the sundials math library.

Shangyu Luo

I have had some knowledge of SynBioSS because I made a presentation of a igem team’ work which is the developer of this software. Thus I concentrate on studying another synthetic biology software: TinkerCell

Luojun Wang

Regular communication and seminars with wet lab team. Different plans for promoting iGAME have been made.

Zhengda He

Start to study Qt4 , HTML , JavaScript , CSS and some other computer technology , to prepare for the project . When we've already decided to make a biological game , I took the charge of designing the story of the game , so I moved to it.