Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/30 September 2010


Kun Jiang

igame in github!

  • To help cooperation in our teams. I decide to use a version control software to help to manage our source code. Because our team members come from different department and we don't live together, especially me, I live ten kilometers far away from USTC. So a distributed Version control System is needed. Git is the chosen one!
  • We create a repository igame in github, and our team member can get the source by using git with git URL

Jue Wang

I ask for information and make flight reservations for 13 members (except Luo)

The itinerary

  • Beijing-Boston

1. AA186 WE03NOV PEKORD 0655 0625

2. AA444 WE03NOV ORDBOS 1005 1310

  • Boston-Beijing

3. AA1561 TU09NOV BOSORD 1545 1730

4. AA187 TU09NOV ORDPEK 2000 2330+1