Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/29 July 2010


Kun Jiang

Study the CMake, a project manage tool for huge software project, and QT, a cross-platform application and UI framework. Try to develop a demo project.

Luojun Wang

Start of our human practice. Summer classes of synthesis biology begin and are lectured by Prof. Haiyan Liu and Jiong Hong, both of who are advisors of our team. After communicating with Prof. Haiyan Liu and Jiong Hong, I decide to do many things along with the curriculum. Surveys are written and done for the synthesis biology class. Lectures are also prepared for it. Much communication with other teams and people is done, which is quite educational and impressive.(it's fun, too!)

Shangyu Luo

Jul 26 ~ Aug 1, 2010 have a general idea of database and have a discussion with Hao Jiang, Zhen Wang, Chen Liao frequently to deal with some difficulties in the construction of database, as well as some biological problem.