Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/23 August 2010


Shangyu Luo

  • Use 2009 Minnesota igem team as a trial, I list out all the materials we need in our database but detect that there are some details we can not cover in our database. Try to tackle with this problem with Chen Liao.
  • What’s more, I apply for some financial aid or fund for my trip to MIT and fortunately I get it from my own department: School of Computer Science and Technology! Thanks to the support of my department, I can get a chance to America, to MIT, so I have to express my appreciation again! Though it is just founded before long and doesn’t have much finance at present, my school gives great supports to students and aids them to expand the horizon and improve their abilities in comprehensive fields. With a lot of young but full of research background teachers and professors, I think my school will have a bright future!