Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/22 September 2010


Shangyu Luo

I am in Hong Kong now! Thanks to school of computer again! I obtain a chance to live and study in Hong Kong for one semester! Though there is much to do and I have to get familiar with the environment in Hong Kong, I try my best to find time for our project. I skim most of igem teams in latest three years and list some teams whose work can show the advantages and innovations of our database. Their works are about some biological reactions related to light, temperature, PH, etc. Read a paper of Nature about synchronized Ecoli clock, try to master the idea of it and list the reactions in it. It will be added into our database.

Zhengda He

Starting completing our database , writing the story for the game . Collected appropriate project for us to design it into a game . Designing Wiki was the same-time work for me . And I also pay attention in the creative idea of our Logo and uniform . The jamboree is coming , so I must concentrate on what I'm doing . And I will have it done beautifully .