Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/20 September 2010


Zhen Wang

Plan: Finish EPF-Lausanne database, finish E.coli oscillator database, update DB document. Discuss UI with Soimort and push him to work faster, discuss synchronized E.coli with Zhaoyi Li. Have fun working.

Summary: Today is Oct 7, and I have just start writing work summary of the last week in Sep. During last 2 weeks we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival and had 7 day off for National Day, while others are enjoying themselves traveling, we iGEM team members didn’t take a day off. We have to seize every minute to make our software work! I guess I’m just too busy to write my work log, and right now I am trying my best to recall what exactly I did in the last week of Sep…

Here's what I can remember.

Zhaoyi Li looked into the nature article on synchronized ecoli clock and gave a brief lecture, then he started to analyze all the reaction and species in the model, and prepare to write the DB of it. Zhengda He’s parents came to see him, so he disappeared for 3 days or so. He has finished part of EPF-Lausanne DB but not all, so Yubo Qi kicked in to investigate the proper parameters for reaction. Unfortunately, it’s almost a hopeless task, no reliable source with specified parameters can be found, so we gave up at last.

I finished another detail draft on input UI design, and Soimort is constructing our UI according to it. I tried to discuss more with Soimort and push him harder, but can’t find the right way…

My girlfriend came and we spent 3 days together. It was 3 halves of days actually, since there are tasks I cannot put aside. However, she was so thoughtful and supportive, and didn’t complain about my absence. We had our sweet moments together. Her visiting means a lot to me, and fuels me up with energy to work on.