Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/17 May 2010



Zhen Wang

2010 Summarize the reactions of oscillator, learn SBML and libsbml APIs. Search for SBMLs on oscillator created by other people and learn from them.

Kun Jiang

2010 Figure out the differences between sbml version 2 level 1 specification and sbml version 2 level 4 specification. Because our database input files are based on sbml version 2 level 4.

Luojun Wang

Regular communication and seminars with wet lab team. Different plans for promoting iGAME have been made.

Shangyu Luo

2010 specify the simulation means we will apply. I have collected some information about the methods like deterministic simulation and stochastic simulation. Meanwhile, the reaction network will have three layers: molecular reaction layer, topology layer and mathematical equations layer.