Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/13 September 2010


Zhen Wang

Plan: Write note on UI&input, discuss UI&input with Soimort. Discuss ODE solver with Kun. Settle the final edition of DB. Writing DB of EPF-Lausanne with 2 junior students. Have fun working.

Summary: Write a detailed note on UI&Input and discuss it with Soimort. I believe it is not easy for him to understand the whole design of UI&Input and its connection with the database, I should spend more time to explain the details for him. Kun says he has finished the L2V4 update of ODE solver, he is now working on the boolean value judging module which will be used in Liao’s code. Liao’s first edition of document on DB standard is done, it’s now my turn to refine it and fix the bugs. Zhengda He has written part of the DB of EPF-Lausanne 2009 under my guidance, we can see the whole DB by next week, hopefully. Another junior student Zhaoyi Li is working on synchronized E.coli oscillator, a biological breakthrough published on Nature 2009. Last but not least, this is a busy week for scheduling trip, paying fee and talking to sponsor. Handling these things cost me lots of time, we should have a secretary for this, luckily we find one, she is Jue Wang. My boss doesn’t push me so hard on finishing his assignment, and I’m grateful for that, he must know that I don’t have much time. I do have fun working this week!