Team:USTC SOFTWARE/Notebook/Meetings/12 August 2010


Luojun Wang

Collaboration with Prof. Jiong Hong features the synthesis biology class with IGEM issues and our program. Lectures on ethnics and promotions for iGAME are given during the curriculum, which are partly videotaped. : ) Surveys are also made for iGAME. Statistics have been analysized in many different ways before CIRCOS software runs into my sight. Methods of plotting chromesomes are used in the demonstration of the work, which is the most innovative idea I have ever seen in any performance of survey.:D In the poll on favorite game type, adventure game is on top, can we make a tutor game like Prince of Persia?lol~ Interviewed by Yueyue Zhang, doctor of BIOS Centre of London School of Economics and Politics Science. Opinions on human practice have been exchanged and much new information is obtained from her.(Special thanks to her!)